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The kimono is a T-shaped wrapped-front garment constructed of mostly rectangular pieces of fabric and is sewn with set sleeve lengths, hem lengths and little tailoring to the body.  It has become very popular for baby/infant wear because it provides conveniency changing in and out of (whether it is string tie or using snaps).   Avoiding the discomfort of pulling clothes over babies/kids' heads.  
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Pattern Animal Footie/Coverall
Modern Solid Colored Footie/coverall
Jane Goodall Animal Print Footie
Animal Print Kimono Footie
Modern Solid L/S Kimono Bodysuit/Onesie
Basic L/S Kimono Bodysuit
Basic Eco L/S Kimono Bodysuit
Animal Print Kimono Bodysuit
Organic Pattern Kimono Bodysuit
Eco Solid L/S Kimono Bodysuit/Onesie
Basic Kimono One Piece
All-Star Kimono Gown
Basic Kimono Gown/Sleep Sac
Solid Kimono Gown/Sleep Sacs
Pattern Kimono Gown/Bundlers
Basic Eco Kimono Gown/Sleep Sac
Basic Kimono Layering Top
Basic S/S Kimono Tee
Pattern Flamingo Ruffle SS Kimono Bodysuit
Basic S/S Kimono Bodysuit
Star SS Kimono Bodysuit
star long sleeve ruffle kimono bodysuit
Pattern Short Sleeve Kimono Romper
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