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3 Benefits of Buying Sustainable Baby Clothes

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more brands opt to create clothes made with sustainable fabrics (hemp, rayon from bamboo and azlon from soy). The benefits of this movement are numerous, which includes a more environmental friendly manufacturing process, increased durability, and for many people, less irritation on their skin.

A pioneer in this “eco” movement is the baby clothing sector. There’s a large increase in the amount of sustainable baby clothes available. This comes as no surprise, as the benefits transcend and are highly sought after.  What new parents really care about is the well being of their new bundle of joy, and sustainable baby clothes certainly fulfilled their demand on safety and comfort.

Babysoy is the leader in baby clothes made of azlon from soy fabric (a fabric made from recycle soybean pulp) as well as baby outfits made with other organic and sustainable fabric to simply the art of dressing babies and toddlers. We’d like to highlight several benefits of sustainable baby clothes and why you should choose sustainable baby socks, hats, gowns, and bodysuits over other options.


1.   Less irritation and improved comfort

Conventional cotton are grown using chemical fertilizer and pesticides, which may cause irritation if your baby has sensitive skin.  Those brands choosing conventional cotton or non-sustainable fabric probably have cost and price as priority.  So it’s likely the dyes or auxiliary they used during production have more Irritants.  On the other hands, sustainable baby clothes are made with caring for babies and environment in mind, so they are probably going to use low impact dyes and reduce auxiliaries used.  So the baby accessories or baby rompers made with sustainable fabric you bought are going to be gentle on your baby’s skin.  Regardless if your baby has sensitive skin or not, by buying sustainable/organic, you’re protecting them no matter what.


2.   Great durability

babysoy kimono bodysuit in grey sustainable and durable

We all know that babies and toddlers are great creators of “accidents”!  Stains and spills are daily normal for all parents.  So as a parent, you definitely want to buy baby clothes that are durable and can last wash after wash (or at least last until your baby grows out of it).  The last thing you need is to shop for more baby clothes in the middle of day because that baby romper coming out of washing machine fell apart.  Studies have shown organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton (organic cotton has greater fiber thickness).  Azlon from soy is an even durable fabric because of its fiber structure.  Babysoy has customers who had hand-me-down clothes that last three kids and over 5 years!  So we are confident to say our baby clothes are “build to last”!

Again, we want to continue to emphasize less shopping, buy higher-quality clothing, and a happier family all-around. Buy quality rather than quantity and reduce burdens on our environment.


3.   Environmental friendly and ethically made

More and more company are evaluated not just by how much money they are making or how fast they are growing, but by ESG, which stands for environmental, social, and governance on Wall Street.  Although most of the sustainable baby clothes brands are small company, but it is safe to say that they too care about environments and social justice.  Other than using sustainable fabrics, a lot of these products also come with recycled packaging, using soy ink to print and most importantly, they are ethically made.   While a lot of company outsource their factory and quality check, Babysoy send our own staff out to check on factories to make sure no child or forced labors used.  We want to make sure our factories obey all local laws. 

So buying sustainable not only brings you quality products, but it also allows you to have a peace of mind on how the products were made. 


Sustainable baby clothes are often more expensive?

Along with this wave of sustainable clothing, we are encouraging parent shoppers to shift from “fast fashion clothing” to “slow shopping”.  This means to think about the environmental impact before you buy those t-shirts or dress you plan on wearing for 3 months.  Instead of spending $50 on 5 T-shirts or 2 dresses that you may never see again after first wear, spend that fifty dollars on a good quality shirt or dress that you know you can get the most out of it because it is well made with good quality material and craftsmanship.  This leads to the biggest challenge that sustainable baby clothes is facing: price.  

buy sustainable babysoy infant clothes

As mentioned before, sustainable baby socks, beanie and other garments are made with fabrics either not using chemicals or less harmful chemicals (like low impact dyes).  This inevitably makes them more costly than other available options. While at first glance sustainable baby clothes might be more expensive, but if you consider the environment impact as well as safety and comfort it brings, and add on the durability and peace of mind, the overall price tag will be far less than you think.

While more and more people start to understand the impact of climate change and willing to act on it (switching to solar power or driving an electric vehicle), we strongly encourage you to start making a difference by switching to buy sustainable clothes, especially baby clothes.


Sustainable infant clothes for all occasions

At Babysoy, we have sustainable baby clothes covering babies and toddler from head to toe. Whether a Kimono bodysuit, sleeper sack, or the comfiest of baby socks and hats.

We know how difficult it can be to choose sustainable clothing for babies. So we offer a wide range of selection and styles that are basic, comfortable and essential.  Here are some of the baby essentials that we recommend for every parent.

In this article, we have pointed out the benefits of sustainable baby clothes as well as the challenges it faces. To summarize, choosing sustainable infant clothes for babies over other materials, such as conventional cotton or fabric derived from petro-chemical, results in a comfier fit, increased durability, and is less harsh on the skin.

Babysoy want to help you make life that little bit easier – whether you are a new parent or parents for a few, you want to simplify things and make your life as easy as possible.

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