About Azlon from Soy Protein Fiber

Why babysoy choose azlon from soy fiber

Commonly refer to as "soybean protein fiber". It is a sustainable textile fiber made from renewable natural resources - the leftover soybean pulp from tofu or soymilk production. It is a green textile fiber that possesses the superior qualities of both natural and synthesized fibers.

A patented process hold in China. 1. Protein fibers are extracted from the leftover pulp of tofu or soy milk production. 2. Protein liquids are forced through a device resembling a shower head, called a spinneret, to make liquid soy. This process is called wet-spinning. 3. Liquid soy is solidified to make soybean protein fiber. After protein is extracted, the soybean pulp will be used as animal feed stock animal.

production process of azlon from soy fiber



1} Silky smooth and comfy soft.

azlon from soy fiber particularly attracts attention with its appearance, being similar to silk fibers, with soft and smooth handle. It has a cashmere feel, but smoother.

2} Wearer stays warm and dry.

Micro-holes in the cross-section and high amorphous regions of azlon from soy fibers improve the water absorption capacity of fabrics. Higher air permeability leads to an increase in water vapor transfer. Azlon from soy fiber also has warmth retention that’s comparable to wool, making wearer stays warm and dry.

3} Natural resistance to flames and UV transmission.

ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) is used to indicate the amount of UV protection provided to skin by fabric. Fabrics with a UPF value in the range 15 - 24 are classified as having “Good UV Protection”; Azlon from soy fiber test result was 13.60, not quite good UV protection but still showing a value 3-4 times better than that of cotton or bamboo fiber. Azlon from soy also shows more resistance to flames during testing.


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