finding the perfect eco friendly gift for your grand child / grandchildren

7 Eco-Friendly Gifts to Give Your New Grandchild

It’s been decades since you taken care of a baby, you are overwhelmed with the selection of baby products on the market & wonder where to start?  Here we recommend 7 Eco-Friendly products that are good for your grandchild and the environment!
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eco friendly spring essentials for babies 2022

8 Eco-Friendly Spring Essentials for Babies

Spring is fast approaching, ushering in warmer weather, blooms, and tons of opportunities for outdoor play.  Here are 8 eco-friendly baby essentials for your bundle of joy to embrace the warm sunny spring! 
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baby's 1st wardrobe essentials include bodysuits, pants, socks, gowns, sleep sacks, footies

What Do You Need to Buy for Baby’s First Wardrobe?

It is quite common for parents to overbuy newborn clothes for their bundle of joy. Here are our suggestions for the essential pieces to welcome your baby home!
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babysoy baby crew socks in indigo and brown colors that stays on

3 Important Factors for Buying Baby Socks

Buying baby socks can be the simplest difficult job for parents, with so many options on market.  We share 3 factors to help picking out a pairs of socks that is comfy and stays on!
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sustainable fabric, recycled fabric such as hemp, azlon from soy protein fiber

3 Benefits of Buying Sustainable Baby Clothes

Protect your baby and do your part for the environment by buying sustainable baby clothes.  Here are the 3 biggest benefits!


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TOG rating for baby sleepwear, sleep sacks, sleep gowns and pajamas

What is TOG rating?

TOG is "Thermal Overall Grade" which measures warmth fabrics maintain.  Here is a general guidance to help parents pick out the suitable baby sleepwear for their bundle of joy to make sure "Everyone" gets a quality sleep!
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baby bandana style bibs

How to choose infant drool bibs and baby mealtime bibs

Are you overwhelmed by the different baby bibs styles, sizes and materials in the market?  Here we sort them out to help you pick out the right bib for different occasions whether it's for your baby or toddlers.
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sustainable & organic fabric fibers in pink, grey, indigo and mustard colors

What are sustainable and organic baby clothes?

In the past decade, we are seeing more and more "sustainable" and "organic" baby clothes.  What's the similarity and differences between the two? How do they benefit the environment & our kids? Let's find out!!
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babysoy's mom's choice award winning socks in solid colors, red, green, blue, indigo, orange, pink, grey, black colors

6 Tips To Help Keep Baby's Socks On

It's not uncommon for babies to remove their socks (or nappies, bibs, or hats, for that matter!) If you're finding that your little bundle of joy is frequently losing their socks, here are some tips to help you keep their feet warm.

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azlon from soy fiber is a sustainable fiber extracted from left over soy pulp of soymilk or soy sauce production.  A recycled product

Why Soybean Fabric is a Good Sustainable Fabric for Baby Clothes

With a growing concern on global warming and how to save environment, parents are eager to instill eco-friendly practices into growing family.  Here we show you how to shop sustainable fabrics and how azlon from soy fabric stands out as the top choice for baby clothes.
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eco-friendly and sustainable back to the school season shopping tips

Eco-friendly & sustainable tips for back-to-school shopping

Don't just bargain shop, shop sustainably and use reduce, reuse and recycle to save money and our environment. Here are some tips for a earth-friendly back to school shopping in 2021!
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Top 8 Best Eco Friendly Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Top 8 Best Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gifts For Mom

Baby showers are a lovely time to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby. It’s also a wondrous time to give thoughtful and delicate eco-friendly newborn baby gift sets to a mom who is ecstatic to have a new child!
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