Our Story

Babysoy was founded over a decade ago by 2 life-long friends who made discoveries and faced life challenges that coincided at the same time and sparked into a baby clothing collection.  Our mission is to provide affordable baby layette line of the highest quality using sustainable and/or organic fabrics.  Each piece is designed with an appreciation and care for our mother nature in mind.


ONE friend came across the sustainable azlon from soy protein fiber while doing product research.  The OTHER friend, a graphic-designer-single-mommy was having difficulty finding affordable eco-friendly layettes for her baby girl --- who lost her daddy to cancer that's caused by the not-so-green environment he was exposed to.


When ONE paid a visit to see OTHER's baby girl, challenges were expressed, dreams were shared, ideas were exchanged and babysoy was born 6 months after. (the baby girl who is now a grown tween and ONE, now a proud dad of twin toddlers of his own).




at Babysoy, Family Value is our core belief. The first outfit you purchase, the first photo of your baby, the first smile of your baby, to that crazy graduation party will all be remembered dearly. We wanted to simplify your life so we created collections of must-haves to make the art of dressing babies down to the perfect ingredient of simplicity, softness, and peace of mind! 


Think globally and act locally. If each one of us water into our own sphere of influence we can grow this planet into a greener place!