Our Story

Babysoy was founded over a decade ago by 2 life-long friends who made discoveries and faced life challenges that coincided at the same time and sparked into a baby clothing collection.  Our mission is to provide affordable baby layette line of the highest quality using sustainable and/or organic fabrics.  Each piece is designed with an appreciation and care for our mother nature in mind.

ONE friend came across the patent eco-friendly soy from azlon fabric after his project of cups made of PLA (corn starch) failed to launch because of its high price.  Through the failure, he’s learned that people are willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly products, but there’s a limit to it.  The OTHER friend, a graphic-designer-single-mommy was having difficulty finding affordable eco-friendly layettes for her newborn baby girl --- who lost her daddy to cancer that's caused by the not-so-green environment he was exposed to.

When ONE paid a visit to see OTHER's baby girl, challenges were expressed, dreams were shared, ideas were exchanged and babysoy was born 6 months after baby girl (who is now a grown tween and ONE, now a proud daddy, has a pair of twin toddlers of his own).

A personal note  

I think everyone, especially in the past couple years have seen dramatic climate changes, realizes that we need to take care of the environment. If everyone can move forward a step to re-use, reduce, and recycle, the joined effort can have a huge impact. But a lot of time, there's a premium to the eco-world, and sometimes this premium can drive away a lot of people who wanted to be part of the effort. I came across the PLA cups and bags in early 2000s, these bio-degradable products were great and would decompose in about 3 months when you bury them. I thought it was an excellent product, but the cost of the material and requirement of new machinery drove everyone showing interest away. From that experience, I knew well that a lot of people are willing to switch to eco-products, but the premium that they can accept is not sky high. The way for babysoy to cut down our price is to eliminate middle man, so most of the components on our product, we buy directly from manufacturer to lower costs, making sure quality is up to par, and we make sure we know the manufacturers by paying frequent visits and not rely on communicating through faxes and emails alone or outsource these steps.  We want to make sure babysoy continued to stay on track with the vision when we started, to bring affordable eco-friendly clothing of the highest quality!



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