azlon from soy fiber is a sustainable fiber extracted from left over soy pulp of soymilk or soy sauce production.  A recycled product

Why Soybean Fabric is a Good Sustainable Fabric for Baby Clothes

The state of Mother Nature has been a hot topic of conversation more recently than ever before and people are motivated to do all they can in order to continue to perpetuate a future where she thrives for generations to come. Buzz words such as, “organic”, “sustainable” and “green” are familiar enough in common conversation, but there are still few people who know what they actually mean, and even less who know how to put them into practice to save our planet.

What simple decisions can we make in order to leave a lasting, ecological impact? This question becomes even larger when we become parents. Is there a way to instill eco-friendly practices into your growing family? One very actionable way to do just that is through the conscious purchase of sustainable fabrics.

What kind of fabric is sustainable?

Why Soybean Fabric is a Good Sustainable Fabric for Baby Clothes

Sustainable fabrics enable consumers to make a positive, environmental impact simply by purchasing items made from natural and/or recycled materials. The fabrics that fit this criteria that consumers have turned to the most are Organic Cotton, Hemp and Linen; however, the super star in the sustainable fabric category that is quickly gaining popularity (particularly in the baby department) is the soybean fabric.

Azlon from soybean, or, “soybean protein fiber” as it’s commonly called might sound new, but the research is emphatic about the first-rate fabric it produces. As a green textile, it possesses the superior qualities of both natural and synthesized products without any of the added concerns that come with synthetic materials. It’s also made entirely from renewable resources!

The leftover soybean pulp after the production of tofu or soy milk provides the raw materials necessary. The protein fibers are then extracted from the pulp and fed through a device called a spinneret in order to make liquid soy. This process is called, “wet-spinning”. The liquid soy is then solidified to make soybean protein fiber. It’s this fiber that is used to make the clothing that’s best for babies’ skin and for the environment. In truly sustainable fashion, nothing goes to waste in the production process. After all of the protein has been extracted, the remaining soybean pulp is used as animal feed.

Why is sustainable fabric important?

Every parent wants to do what’s best for their baby; it’s an added bonus if it’s what’s best for the environment as well. Choosing to use sustainable fabrics by purchasing organic baby clothes not only ensures that the material you’re using on your baby’s skin is free of fertilizers and pesticides to avoid exposure and irritants, but that you’ve also reduced water and chemical waste in the process. While avoiding clothing for your baby made with fabrics that were exposed to fertilizers and pesticides might sound like a no-brainer, sustainable clothing has seldom been considered affordable. Thankfully, as new innovations become more mainstream, sustainable fabrics are more affordable now than they ever have been. What’s good for babies is now also good for your wallet-and Mother Nature, too. Everyone wins!

Why is organic soybean good for baby clothes?

Why Soybean Fabric is a Good Sustainable Fabric for Baby Clothes

While there are clear benefits to other sustainable fabrics when purchasing organic baby clothes, soybean fiber is by far the most superior choice to dress your little one. The azlon from protein fiber has a silky appearance and cashmere-like feel making it a dream for a baby; especially one with sensitive skin. Aside from the way it feels, the sustainable fabric made from azlon is incredibly adept at keeping your baby warm and dry due to the way the micro-holes in the cross-section improve water absorption. As any parent will tell you, a dry baby is a happy baby. Soybean fiber also shows more resistance to flames than its counterparts and has a UV protection rate of 13.60: 3-4 times better than cotton or bamboo fibers. If safe, cozy and warm are the essential criteria for your eco-baby clothes purchases, Azlon is the perfect choice of sustainable fiber.

Organic & Sustainable Baby Clothing at Babysoy

Why Soybean Fabric is a Good Sustainable Fabric for Baby Clothes

Babysoy is a pioneer in the discovery of soybean fabric as the best sustainable fabric for baby items. Over a decade ago, the research of the green textile fiber Azlon and our journey in Motherhood to create beautifully designed baby items that are cozy, affordable and kind to Mother Nature. From snuggly sleep sacks for newborns, to cozy outerwear sized all the way up to 8T, to organic baby socks that won’t slip off of your little one’s feet, you can rest assured that Babysoy is the perfect choice for your eco-friendly baby clothing needs.

Babysoy’s commitment to the environment doesn’t stop at clothes, however. Recycled paper and soy-based ink is used on the printing of our packages, the carton boxes are recycled and recycled poly bags are also used for packaging. Babysoy believes in the reduction of their carbon footprint so much, in fact, they’ve even joined forces with The Carbon FootPrint Reduction Project. At checkout, every customer is provided an opportunity to donate funds that go directly to the tri-state forest project in order to off-set the carbon dioxide created by the clothing production. Everything at Babysoy is done with your baby and Mother Nature in mind.

As parents, you have an inherent interest in the care and keeping of your family- and preserving the Earth they will inherit. It’s imperative to utilize the most sustainable fabrics possible in order to leave a legacy to be proud of. With the plethora of sustainable fabrics to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is best for your baby and for the planet. Soybean fabric is not only one of the best options for sustainable practices, but for the health and safety of your baby in a way that is also affordable for the modern family. Moreover, baby clothes produced from soybean are ultra-soft, durable, and moisture-wicking. If you're looking for organic, sustainable, and soft baby clothes, visit our wide selection of beautifully made baby clothes!

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